Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Key

This is my prezi on my Christmas key. I had to answer some question about Christmas and remember that Christmas is not about the gifts it about how JESUS and remember love every one and have a great Christmas 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Alan Duff

This is my work on Alan Duff and my two partner were Nesi and Mahdia. We learnt lots about Alan Duff and it was very hard for us to understand Alan Duff'd story but we now know that even if any one talked about your dream you shouldn't because it your Life and your dream.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Alan Duff

This is a collage that me & Nesi and Mahdia, and we had an amazing visitor from Alan Duff. He came from all the way from France and he told the year 7's and 8's about himself and about reading and books. Thank you Alan Duff for vising our school.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Thank you Letter

Today afternoon room 6 and room 5 had time to Thank Mr Millward and Bunning Takanini. We had a awesome with what they made and it was a Ramp and we are thankful to have a great ramp.

Tamaki College

In the past two weeks in Tamaki College, we have been having Science. Our aim in this project is to design a rover that can scramble at least 3 meters on the floor. This is a collaborative Google Presentation created by Sajiha and I, that showcases our time there with pictures and a summary.  

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Working with my critical friend

Room 6 (my class) and Room 5 worked collaboratively together in critical partners to go over one person's writing sample from term 1 and term 4. My partner (Yvette) and I decided to work on my writing sample's instead of hers. To correct my work and see what level I am working at and what I need to do to get to the next level, we used the room 5 writing rubric. The Room 5 writing rubric is a presentation a group of students in Room 5 created for students who found it difficult to understand the teacher rubric to use that one and easily understand what it means. We went over all six slides (rubrics), punctuation, vocab, organisation, sentence structure, structure and language, and ideas. In the comments section, we worked together to find her mistakes and what I had done right. When we figured it out, we listed in the comments what these were. This helped me know what I had right and what I need help with. The rubric told me what level I am at and what I need to do to get to the next level. We used suggestions to fix up my Term 4 writing sample so I could understand my mistakes and how to fix them and how easily it is to fix. We worked collaboratively helping each other and giving critical feedback. Thanks to my friend Yvette for working with me.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Existing Outcome

Existing Outcomes

Part A

What is the purpose of the different features of a basic platformer game?

Attribute or Feature
Sprites are when a person playing the game they know what to do
Backdrop is when the person playing is to get an idea of the game
Obtusus or object
Obtusus is something that people would want to challenge others
Commands: Click/space to start
Is to start the games
Commands: Arrow key to move
To move the mouse from there to there
Commands: Space/arrow  key to jump
To jump anywhere in the platform
Music or sounds
To make an set of mood
Commands: Mouse to control
So the games don't have bigger levels
People can have different levels not just the same
To make the games interesting
Titles or instructions
To let the player to know to to play
Scores and Points
How many point we have in our games

Part B

  1. Find three different platformer games that you like the look of.
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the platformer games into the table below.
  3. Fill in the table to identify the various attributes or features of the different platformer games.  

platformer game Example
platformer game 1 Features
platformer game 2 Features
platformer game 3 Features
platformer game Title

platformer game Features

  • It has lots of sprites.
  • Colours change when you click on the cloths.
  • You get the cat and change it cloths if you want too.
  • There is 1 backdrop that had pink and white that I like.
  • You get 8 to 9 thing that you can change .
  • You need to have spritesd in this game.
  • There are different levels.
  • When you finished all of the levels you sevie.
  • You get 3 lives so you better not lose.
  • You get feedbacks by how you should work or any.
  • It has 3 different backdrop.
  • You can start with start button and then if you lose you can play again.
  • Sprite used every time.
  • There's a start click
  • Only 1 person that is running.
  • YOu have only 1 live.
  • You can pause your game when you what too.
  • There's five backdrops that will change in the game.
  • When you passed all of the levels you will have something that comes up and tells you win !!!!...

Part C
Using the information in the table, make a list of the Key Specifications of an platformer game.  Key specifications are the attributes or features that occur in all platformer games, and which you think are important to the platformer game design (function and look).

  1. Sprites main character
  2. Backdrops/Backgrounds to change
  3. Music To Fit the Theme of the game or level
  4. Different Colours
  5. challenging people
  6. Scores to tell them what level or how many pinots their have
  7. Starting to let them know to start the game
  8. control or the games
  9. Arrow and keys like up, down, left and right.